Unfortunately, child sex trafficking is on the rise in the Philippines, however, awareness and rescues are too! There are many working together on the forefront to fight against it. After the children are rescued, where do they go? More often than not, it is the family members of the children who are the traffickers. The children are in need of a home where they can have their basic needs met, protection, love, and a healthy environment to heal and grow. 

There are currently shelters that cater to girls for this specific need, but none for boys. Recent studies have shown that in the Philippines boys are being sexually abused more than girls but there are little to no resources for boys. To address this need, we want to build the first of it's kind, shelter for boys that will cater to the specific needs of sex trafficked/OSEC (Online Sexual Exploitation of Children) victims. Working alongside the government and other organizations, we want to ensure the best care possible for these boys in our future home.

As of January, 2021

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