Christmas Gift Giveaway

The average American spends approximately $900 on Christmas gifts each year. Instead of children only receiving gifts for themselves, why not start a new tradition? 


For many single-parent families, the holidays are very difficult as some parents are unable to provide even one gift for their child. Others have parents in prison, in rehab, or dealing with mental health issues. By giving a small gift to a child in a desperate situation, you can make the difference that would make a child feel special and would give a child a very memorable holiday. 

By clikcing below, YOU can be a part of helping a family in great need. Please provide your name, email and phone number and we will send you an information letter with directions regarding a specific child in need. 

GET YOUR CHILD INVOLVED: Open up a dialogue with your child about Christmas being an opportunity to be a blessing to others and allow your child to help you choose just the right gift.

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