Street Children outreach program

There are approximately 1.8 million abandoned children living on the streets in the Philippines. Most of these children are in Metro Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. They are left on the street hungry, and vulnerable to all kinds of dangers. So many of these children end up being taken into child prostitution and are sexually exploited.

Our Street Children Outreach Program began July 2018 with volunteers who dedicate their time regularly doing various programs. These programs address the following needs of the children:

1. Substantial meals & clean water

2. Teaching/Education program - They are learning the basics in reading, writing, and math since the children do not attend school.

3. Health Education - They learn proper ways to clean themselves, wash hands, etc. in order to prevent illness and diseases.

4. Clothing Giveaway - We provide the children with items such as shoes, decent clothing, hygienic products, etc. 


We believe that as we continue developing this program and continue working alongside city officials and social workers, we can really make an impact and truly help these children living on the streets of Manila to overcome the statistics and obstacles they were born into. We believe that TOGETHER, we can change the destinies and futures of these little ones.

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