The Philippines

The Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia and is made up of over 7,000 islands. There are over 84 million people, with almost 200 dialects. The major languages used are Tagalog, Visayan and English.

The Problem:

There are more slaves on earth today than there ever has been in the history of the world. There are currently 24.9 million human trafficking victims and is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, generating over $150 billion a year. Asia is known for having approximately 60% of the worlds human trafficking population. 

There are young women, young men, and children as young as young as 2 months old who are currently being sexually exploited and used as sex slaves in the Philippines and online cybersex. The average of an exploited individual is 11years old. Approximately 100,000 children are being sexually exploited in the Philippines every day.

Angeles City

We want to help reach Angeles City, also known as "Sin City" and the "Center of the Philippines Sex Industry" because it is one of the most condensed areas for human trafficking. We have an outreach team that goes to reach the men, women and children in the area of Angeles City that has the highest rate of trafficking.


In the Philippines there are 1.8 million abandoned children. Most of these children are in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. They are left on the street hungry, and vulnerable to all kinds of dangers. Most end up being taken into child prostitution and are sexually exploited. The government is working to find parents that can adopt some of these children. Unfortunately, with adoption costs and the high number of abandoned children, the chances are very unlikely to find anyone to care for them. 

In July, 2018, we launched an outreach program every month that will provide these vulnerable children with a safe place to go, substantial meals, clean water, education, clothes and hygienic products help to prevent diseases. 

We also host regular events that spread awareness and educate children on how to prevent themselves from becoming victims of human sex trafficking.

Olongapo city

Olongapo City/Subic Bay area was a location for a US military base for 90 years. During this time, the locals were being sexually exploited. AIDS/HIV and other STD's spread rampantly throughout the area. The military base was shut down in 1991. However, retired military personnel have gone back to reside there and have created businesses for other foreigners to visit to have their own "sex tourism" experience. There are about 300 "bars" (which many of these are brothels) dedicated to this and are mostly owned by retired US soldiers. 

There is currently a team that is doing outreach there that has helped many women, men and children find freedom. Our goal is to doing more outreach to rescue victims, bring healing and help restore the dignity of the young men, women and children in this area.  

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