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Since 2012, we have worked with women, men, and children in the Philippines who have suffered abuse, either directly or indirectly as a result of sex trafficking. We also provide educational resources and basic necessities to those who are vulnerable to becoming trafficked.


It is estimated that 20-40 million men, women, and children that are enslaved on the earth, and over 60% of victims are located in Asia. Because of natural disasters, poverty, previous wars, and historic reasons, human trafficking has been an issue for many years in this country. The Philippines is a very popular destination for sex tourists and is also one of the top global sources of child pornography. There has also been a continual increase in demand for the online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC), which has been known to target children as young as 2 months old in the Philippines. 


Rescuing someone from trafficking and leading them into the process of healing and wholeness is a process that requires assistance from many. We partner with the Philippine government, lawyers, churches, volunteers, health practitioners, and other NGO's that are also on the frontlines of ending modern day slavery and its effects.


Building awareness and education is imperative for combatting sex trafficking and sexual abuse. In the Philippines, we host monthly educational events for children and teens in poverty as well as for their guardians.


The girls home will provide aftercare for girls (newborn-17 years old) that have been sex trafficked or abused. 

NEED: Because there are not many homes for boys that have been sex trafficked/abused, siblings often get separated after being rescued. This girls home that is nearby will allow siblings to stay together and not be put through further trauma because of separation.



We have built the first home specifically for boys (newborn -17 years) in the Philippines who have been rescued from sex trafficking both online and in person. 



51% of sexually abused children in the Philippines are boys


The reality is...

Boys typically end up in the foster care system, into an alternative unsafe environment, or back into the hands of their abuser



The median age for a child to be trafficked in the Philippines is 11 years old


The reality is...

Boys have less resources than girls when it comes to sexual abuse & trafficking


Our vision is to see child survivors healed, restored, and empowered to develop healthy and secure lives.


In our home we provide protection, care, restoration, education, healing, and empowerment.

  • Physical: Home, medical and dental visits, healthy food, and exercise.

  • Mental: Individual therapy, group therapy, and music & art therapy.

  • Emotional: Teaching self-regulation and healthy coping skills.

  • Spiritual: Spiritual development that supports healing and growth.

  • Empowerment: Independent living, education, mentorships, and job training.

  • Safety: Short or long-term home safe from abusers and legal assistance.


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