Rwanda is a small central African country that is known for it's enriching culture. The primary language is Kinyarwanda and they have a population of over 12 million people. There was a mass genocide in Rwanda in 1994 that killed nearly 1 million people. This greatly impacted the entire country. Since then, however, they have slowly recovered from that horrific time in their history and are now stronger than ever and their peace restored.

Our most recent partnership has been with a new startup school in a rural village of Rwanda called Muhozi. This school was built and started by people from a local church in Rwanda. The purpose of this school is to help educate children in that area who normally would not be able to attend school because of poverty and a lack of resources. They also focus on sharing the gospel and teaching the children about Jesus. They now have 2 completed classrooms that serve 127 students. They are in the process of completing two additional classrooms to have more space for the children to learn in adequate conditions. The government has helped the school by providing food for the students.

So far, we have had multiple volunteers help us at various events to raise enough funds to provide these children with the following:

-50 desks (fitting three students to each desk)

-Desks and chairs for teachers in each of the classrooms

-Chalk board

-Doors, windows, cement, rocks, and sand to complete the building of two of the classrooms.

Items still needed:

-Water tank

-Building materials for additional classrooms

In the future, we would like to see this school expand by building high school classrooms and a medical clinic to meet the physical needs of each child. 

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